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Lil Mak Diaper Co. is an innovative new company providing premium diapering solutions for babies aged birth to 2 years. We're based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, shipping diapers right to your doorstep.

Erika Tkatchuk founded Lil Mak Diaper Co. This #girlmom is creative, an entrepreneur through and through loves with her whole heart. As a mom of two girls, she knows firsthand how stressful an ill-fitting diaper can be. 

After the birth of her first daughter, Lily, Erika quickly realized the need for a better diaper design. She experienced poop blowouts and leakage issues with many different diaper brands.

Parents, you know what we are talking about ... the car seat blowout, the up the back, down the legs poop everywhere blowout and let's not forget about the, oh, you just put on a nice outfit on vacation poop blowout. (This is the AHA moment that inspired this whole thing!)

Since that moment, Erika made it her goal to design and manufacture an improved disposable diaper that reduces poop blowouts.

We can’t wait to share our diapers with all you parents out there!

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